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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 - Game Online

Download Point Blank Game Online Indonesia – PB Online. Point Blank. Who is not familiar with the game Game Online Indonesia, which currently exist and trend again in various circles. Point Blank Online Indonesia is an online game that brought the genre of FPS (First Person Shooter). You can fight with all the people in Indonesia, gather experience and level up.

In Point Blank Online Indonesia (or often referred to as the PB Online) has several game modes are varied and unique, like the Bomb Mission, Death Match, Annihilation and unique, Destroy Mission.

1. Dead Match: Which team most first time get killed or kill a preset amount (typically 100, 140 ff). He is the winner
2. Bomb Mission: red team managed to put a bomb and explode it if this team is the winner. Otherwise the blue team defuse the bomb, if successful, he is the winner. Even so the winner could be determined if there is one team that all members are slaughtered before putting the BOM.
3. Eliminate: Here the team members who massacred up ahead he was declared defeated.
4. Destroy: the red team must destroy the helicopter, while the blue destroying generators
5. And there are a few other special modes which is also called the Point Blank Game Online Indonesia. Just try it.

What about links Download Game Online Indonesia above Point Blank? Keep in mind when you play online games Point Blank, sometimes because of his fun time even forget everything.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Point Blank – Link Client Server (553 MB)

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